Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Changing the crowd I hang out with!

When I embarked on this path to the new "Stoneybrooke-lite" version of me, I received some very wise advice from my friend Tabitha's Heart.  She told me...

"Fruits and Veggies Are Your Friend."

 I must admit that I found that hard to swallow.  I know they are "health food" and what every "child" should eat to grow healthy and strong, but FRIENDSHIP?!!

My best friends are all, cookies, cake and ice cream!  WE don't hang around with the cool kids on campus.  Fruits and veggies are wasted calories that are to be saved, like the DIET SODA I order, so that I may spend quality time with my REAL FRIENDS... DESSERT!
I mean... CAKE really knows how to PARTY!  ;)

But... I'm beginning to have a change of heart.  Shocking, I know!

On Weight Watchers Points Plus program, most fruits and veggies are FREE!  Even if I have spent my points for the day, if I'm hungry I can always treat myself to fruits and veggies, guilt free!!!  I still love an occasional treat, but I've come to realize that Tabitha is right.  My REAL FRIENDS are fruits and veggies!

Hanging out with this new crowd of friends has made me 24 lbs lighter so far.  

Granddaughter Ailish and
We have such fun together!

I still have a long way to go but I'm learning that fitting into my clothes is much more fun than growing out of them.  I've also learned that I have less pain when I have less weight to carry.  

But to keep up the good progress, I have to keep hanging out with the "RIGHT CROWD".

So I've treated myself to a few goodies to make it easier for me.  Maybe they will help you too?!

Welcome to the new addition to my cottage...  

Stoneybrooke's Favorite Things!

Here's the story:  Those of you who know me personally, or on Ravelry, or Facebook, or Twitter, know I'm an enthusiastic FAN of fabulous things. 

(Hey, everyone has to be good at something, right?  lol) 

So I decided to begin sharing some of my favorites right here on my blog.   

What's helping me to lose weight or live healthier?
What inspires me in my relationship with God?
What crafts am I enjoying?   
What fibers am I playing with?   
What knitting or crochet projects am I lovin'?  
What vintage treasures have I found?  
Or, what simply fabulous new idea have I heard about?   

You you will find ALL the things that I use and LOVE RIGHT HERE! 

Today I have 2 great Favorites to share with you.


This is a thermal lunch tote from the trendy new company thirty-one.  They have so many wonderful bags for organizing every area of your life.  You can even get them personalized!  

Side note:  I have "Phyllis", the bag you will see when you click on the link above.  She is a light, but ample Summer bag with supple, comfy handles and a lean silhouette.  Hugs for Phyllis. :)  (Every bag should have a name don't you think?)

Another side note:  I saw someone on Ravelry who got a tote with lots of pockets, then personalized it with their Ravelry username and uses it as a knitting bag.  I didn't find that clever idea in time, but I still love my bag.  

Back to the topic.... Yaay for my new cheery lunch tote!  It makes me happy just looking at it.  It holds a bottle of ice cold water, and lots of healthy snacks and lunch fixin's so I'm not tempted to hit the drive-through when I get hungry.  It also has a pocket on the back where you can place a few napkins or a love note.  I try to remember to fill it and take it with me whenever I go out, even if I think it's just a short trip.  And it has an easy wipe clean exterior and thermal interior.  

FYI:  I bought my bag from Brooke.  She is a young Mom and great Nixa, MO neighbor to my own Brianne.  


also treated myself to these Rubbermaid Glass containers with easy find lids!  

A few weeks ago, I threw a tantrum whilst trying to find a matching lid for my aged and yellowed plastic ware.  To restore my inner calm and encourage my new healthier eating habits, I decided to invest in a few of these containers.

I have been a BIG FAN of AMAZON for many years now.  I use their Amazon Prime program to get FREE SHIPPING! 

I love being able to read the reviews before I purchase and who wouldn't want someone to bring your purchases right to your front door?

How do I love thee?  
Let me count the ways!

* RED:  Luscious Red lids.  I love red.  :)

* OVEN and MICROWAVE SAFE: Use the bowl in the oven up to 425 degrees.  Lid may be used in the microwave but it should be cracked open a bit to prevent excessive pressure in the container.  My son Jared had an unfortunate experience with microwave pressure cooking.

* DISHWASHER SAFE: If I were going to cook in this container, I would give it a quick spritz of non-stick cooking spray first and then throw it in the dishwasher when I was through.  Though I must confess that I use these more for fresh fruits and veggies and reheating food in the microwave. The lid washes in the top rack of your dishwasher (separate sturdy grey gasket from lid before washing for best results)

* STORING and SERVING:  The 4 cup capacity bowls are glass.  (Though I noticed that the smaller, mixed size set is what Amazon now has available on Prime. I've seen these too and think they would be handy.  They do carry the 4 cup but not on Prime right now.)

These little beauties can go right from your fridge to your table and back without dirtying more serving dishes.  They would be great to take along to potluck dinners too!  I fill them with fruits, veggies and healthy dips, and set them out at every meal for healthier eating.  I encourage seconds of these!

*  EASY FIND LIDS:  The tops are sturdy BPA FREE plastic with a clear viewing window on the top so you can easily see what is inside.  They are designed with an extra sturdy, removable gasket, that is not the flimsy, frustrating gaskets I've used in the past.  These lids nest together and clamp lightly to the bottom of the container, removing all doubt about "will this lid fit?"

* STACKABLE:  The containers and the lids all nest with one another, creating an orderly look in your cabinet or refrigerator.  They aren't likely to topple over either.  What's not to love about that?

Juicy pineapple chunks, kumquats, and lean ham... yum! 
Things just LOOK more appetizing in them. 

* HELPFUL FOR DIETERS:  If you are really organized like my son-in-law Bryan and my daughter Brianne, you will prepare all your fruits and veggies when you come home from the store so they are ready for snacking whenever you are hungry.

* GIFT WORTHY:  The set would make a thoughtful and affordable gift for a newly married couple.  (Beats giving them plastic baggies!)

What's NOT to love?!!!

* PRICE:  These are more expensive that disposable plastic ware.  I think they are worth it but if you are on a budget you may want to pick them up one or two at a time.  I bought 2 at a time and now have a whoppin' 4!  Woot!  The pack Amazon is featuring has 3 graduated sizes with lids for UNDER $20!  

* HEAVY:  This is not a thin thrift store glass but a sturdy and thick, quality glass product.  But glass is heavier than plastic.  It is also breakable.  I wouldn't send these to school with the kids or lug it around in my purse all day.  I also wouldn't throw it on the floor and expect it to stay intact. 

So those are my favorites for the day!  And be sure you always read directions and safety precautions for yourself. 

I hope YOU have been hanging out with a better crowd.  Your friends, Your family, and YOU need you to be your healthiest so that you can enjoy this life God has given you, to the fullest.  

WHAT'S COMING?  Look for upcoming posts on a new, soon to be released pattern I'm knitting from Tabitha's Heart named the "Green Chic" bag!  LOVE! :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love the summer tote! Remember for my birthday next year:) I have a problem with bags. Went to Athleta the other day and they had plastic bags with a snap and cloth handle for your purchases. Immediately I asked if they had a small version and they did. Asked for 2 to use as field trip lunch bags. Used one today:) I love great tupperware too! I guess we are sisters:) Love you most of all! Holly

  2. I just moved our fruit basket to a different counter so we could all see it when we walk by the kitchen. It's much more likely that we'll eat the fruit if we cam see it.

  3. I'm so proud of you! I tried to do WW and the "fruit/veggie" thing, but my body did not like it very well. I'm glad you posted about the glass rubbermaid containers. I have wanted to get some for a while!


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