Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Why do they keep killing Jesus?"

This season I am particularly reminded of just HOW MUCH Jesus loves us.

I was never able to bring myself to see the Passion.  I have participated in Easter dramas at Church, though, and find them chilling to the bone.  Likewise, my son didn't understand the reason for our re-enactment of the Easter story in church when he was younger.  I remember him sitting in the pew with his head buried in his hands, squeezed in the safety of my hug, almost pleading...


Good question...

It hurts to look crucifixion in the face.  The first part of this story doesn't feel good AT ALL!  But, in truth, His gift to us takes on renewed significance when we are reminded of the REAL PERSON, Jesus Christ, who chose to suffer for our sin, in our place.  Though He was the Son of God, He was a real person.  He felt what WE FEEL.  His pain was just as intense and real then as it would be if you and I were brutally MURDERED the same way today.

I don't like to think about this.  But I do it for my own good.

It's for OUR own good.  So we will NEVER forget or take Him for granted.  We have a tendency to do that.  We take life's blessings for granted.  We take people we love for granted.  More astoundingly, we take GOD for granted.  

Let's give REAL gifts this Easter...

Taking things for granted - I was reminded of that unfortunate aspect of human nature in a recent podcast started by Arielluria. She is a fellow Raveler. Her podcast is called Fruto Das Maos.  If you are an English speaker skip the first chapter in Portuguese and go straight to the English.  She first talks about the fiber projects she is working on (always interesting things on her needles) and then she gives a short but thought provoking devotional from her heart.  This time she was discussing God's desire for us to give Him GENUINE gifts.  Genuine offerings of praise and thanksgiving.

Not out of duty
Not because of tradition or habit
Not thoughtlessly or absentmindedly

In fact, IF your gift to Him is not genuinely heartfelt... HE DOESN'T WANT IT.

Just like we desire a REAL relationship with OUR children, our Heavenly Father wants a REAL relationship with US! 

When I think about Jesus dying on the cross for me because God wanted a real relationship with me, frankly, I feel...



and Thankful!

So, Heavenly Father, I stand here loving you with all my heart saying "Thank you!!!"



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  1. Beautiful pictures of your sweet boy...beautiful reality of the sacrifice Jesus made for each of us! Love you and miss you...Have a wonderful Easter!!


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