Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Why do they keep killing Jesus?"

This season I am particularly reminded of just HOW MUCH Jesus loves us.

I was never able to bring myself to see the Passion.  I have participated in Easter dramas at Church, though, and find them chilling to the bone.  Likewise, my son didn't understand the reason for our re-enactment of the Easter story in church when he was younger.  I remember him sitting in the pew with his head buried in his hands, squeezed in the safety of my hug, almost pleading...


Good question...

It hurts to look crucifixion in the face.  The first part of this story doesn't feel good AT ALL!  But, in truth, His gift to us takes on renewed significance when we are reminded of the REAL PERSON, Jesus Christ, who chose to suffer for our sin, in our place.  Though He was the Son of God, He was a real person.  He felt what WE FEEL.  His pain was just as intense and real then as it would be if you and I were brutally MURDERED the same way today.

I don't like to think about this.  But I do it for my own good.

It's for OUR own good.  So we will NEVER forget or take Him for granted.  We have a tendency to do that.  We take life's blessings for granted.  We take people we love for granted.  More astoundingly, we take GOD for granted.  

Let's give REAL gifts this Easter...

Taking things for granted - I was reminded of that unfortunate aspect of human nature in a recent podcast started by Arielluria. She is a fellow Raveler. Her podcast is called Fruto Das Maos.  If you are an English speaker skip the first chapter in Portuguese and go straight to the English.  She first talks about the fiber projects she is working on (always interesting things on her needles) and then she gives a short but thought provoking devotional from her heart.  This time she was discussing God's desire for us to give Him GENUINE gifts.  Genuine offerings of praise and thanksgiving.

Not out of duty
Not because of tradition or habit
Not thoughtlessly or absentmindedly

In fact, IF your gift to Him is not genuinely heartfelt... HE DOESN'T WANT IT.

Just like we desire a REAL relationship with OUR children, our Heavenly Father wants a REAL relationship with US! 

When I think about Jesus dying on the cross for me because God wanted a real relationship with me, frankly, I feel...



and Thankful!

So, Heavenly Father, I stand here loving you with all my heart saying "Thank you!!!"



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New ME... New YOU!

Sometimes you can have TOO MUCH of a good thing.  I've BEEN "too much" for quite some time now.  I have accomplished reaching pregnancy weight without benefit of being "with child."  While this may seem like a noteworthy accomplishment, it's one I had never hoped to achieve.

I'm the fluffy one on the left and
my beautiful sister-in-law Ruthann is on the right
Enter into this picture my good friend Tabitha from Tabitha's Heart.  It's a really GOOD friend who shares something that is helping them and that's just what Tabitha did for me.  She introduced me to the new Weight Watchers program Points Plus online.  I have a little app on my phone that helps me track how many points I've used for the day and I'm never hungry because most fruits and vegetables are FREE! 

I'm loosing weight and that is quite an accomplishment for me.  So stay tuned as I travel this road to discovering a new "reduced fat" version of ME.  If you are too much of a good thing too, why not join me? I don't get a commission from this info-mercial, it's just my way of being a good friend to YOU.  It's only been about a month and I'm already feeling better and my clothes fit better too.  

So, I'm shedding a few pounds and soaking in the sunshine of crisp Spring breezes...

I think it is time to update OUR look!  

You Are Cordially Invited To...

My VIRTUAL Mary Kay Party!!!

Some of you already know that I have used Mary Kay for EVER!  Technically I'm a pseudo Mary Kay consultant BUT I am my only customer.  lol  I order a few basics once a year.

HOWEVER... throughout the year, when it's time to freshen my look for a new season and really find out what is new and fabulous in Mary Kay my "go to" person is Deanna Epps!  Our families work together, but this Mary Kay business is fully hers and she is accomplishing her dreams.  I'm so proud of her!

She seems to know everything that is going on in the world of Mary Kay and she always seems to know what I like and introduces me to great products that I love.  She is a hard working woman and she has been working VERY hard to accomplish some big goals this year and I wanted to help her reach them.

She didn't ask me to make this blog post but I figure we women need to support one another.  She plans on being ONSTAGE at the big Mary Kay wingding in Dallas this year.  That's a BIG DEAL!  And I think we should help if we can.


 Here is how we can help Deanna...

1.  Today, I'm going to SHOW you my current Mary Kay favorites straight from my makeup bag.  Right here on my blog.  (Just pretend you are in my living room, minus the dog treats, knitting works in progress, and the permeating smell of coffee.)  The products show that I've been using them.  BUT you will get fresh NEW products.  And I'll tell you what I like about them.  These are just my opinions and not official Mary Kay statements.

2.  You LOOK at my favorite products :) (Easy so far, right?)

3.  If you see something you like, CLICK on the link and order it from her website. (Clicking is easy)

4.  If you want SAMPLES of something, type a note in the comment box. (Free samples are always good)

5.  If you order something, mention my name or this blog in the comment box and who knows I might earn a new lipstick myself! (But PLEASE only order if you love something.  Of course, I hope you will love the things I share with you as much as I do.)


No pressure.  No phone calls.  No commitment.  You may even wear your jammies whilst you browse.  Just look and IF you like what you see, place an order.  If ordering right now isn't in your budget, you might bookmark her web address for your convenience at a later date.  I won't be checking up on you and neither will Deanna, so order as much or as little as you like.  You may select the links below and I'll whisk you right to the appropriate internet page to see these items, or you may browse for yourself at:

So.... DRUM ROLL.... Here are my Top Picks for SPRING!!!!

My skin is dry and parched after winter.  Satin hands is how I quench that thirst.  And this fresh peach scent is new to me.  Deanna gave me a sample, and I'm going to order the BIG size!  
It's not a sickly perfume-y smell but fresh peachy smell.  I LOVE this scent!  I think Deanna says it comes in Vanilla too! You may buy it as a set or as individual pieces too.  Personally I think the Extra Emollient cream on the left is an important part of the process and it's one that other scrub systems do not include to my knowledge.

Fresh Spring Scent... Thinking of You!
I like to pack away my rich, deep wintery scents when Spring hits and I select a fragrance that is lighter, perhaps a little bit sweeter.  I don't typically go too sweet but I think this is a nice balance of sweet Spring breeze with a touch of meadow flowers anchored by a bit of a natural musky scent.  This is a very lightly scented perfume and it just brightens my mood when I put it on.

Petal Kissed Lips

I've put away the deep burgundies and sultry bronzes of Fall and Winter and I'm now sporting lips that look like they have the slight kiss of a rose petal.  This is a very neutral pink that I think many people could wear.  It gives your face a little lift like you've been out in the garden.
  • Blush Tinted Lip Balm SPF 15.  A blend between a nourishing chapstick and a beautiful lipstick.  It's the perfect thing to wear by itself to protect and make your lips look more youthful at home or at work or even at the beach, or you can pair it with liner and/or a gloss to wear it out for the evening.
  • Dusty Pink Lip Liner.  I know many ladies don't use lip liner any more but when your lips are fading in color from age, there is nothing like lip liner to brighten and define your smile.  It seems to wear longer than just lipstick alone, so I often stain my entire lip area with the liner before applying a nourishing balm or gloss.  Then even if my bottle of water removes my gloss, my lips still have color.  This color is a favorite because it works as a neutral for me.  I can use it with neutral brown, burgundy, or pink tones.  It's also a favorite because you never have to sharpen it.  Just twist it and apply it.
  • Coral Rose Lip Gloss. I love wearing gloss.  This color is even prettier on than it is in the bottle. It goes on lightly meaning the color is not dense but it's enough to change the color of your underlying color or lip.  If you don't prefer neutral pinks, I love the bronze, gold rush, and cream and sugar.  When you apply these over the pink lip liner you get a very neutral and light frosting effect that is a much cooler look for warmer weather.

Easy Creamy Eyes
I've always used powdered shadows, except for once in Junior High school when powder blue cream shadow was in.  This season Mary Kay has these lovely pots of creamy eye color and I didn't think I would like them but I'm IN LOVE!  Apply them with a few strokes of your finger or the cream eye shadow brush (sold separately) and look like you went to cosmetology school.  I love how they blend so easily and the colors are natural with a hint of pearlescent sheen that I find alluring.  

But that's NOT the BEST part...  They act like an eye primer and shadow in one so I don't get any creasing.  Not even at the END of a long day.  Really!  If you really want to use your powder on top of these to create extra drama, I find it even helps that have more staying power.  No tugging or pulling your skin to apply it either... it goes on like BUTTAH!  (Can you tell I like them?)  I think they are perfectly subtle for day use, at work, or at the beach, but you could go "whole hog" as they say, and glam it up for a special occasion or evenings.

And I always wear an EYE LINER!  My poor lashes are not as long as they used to be so I can fool the world, without wearing falsies, by using eye liner.  Instantly I look more rested.  Once again, no sharpener is needed, just roll it up and use it.  It goes on easily for me so I don't have to tug my delicate eye skin.  

This season I've forgone my classic black and brown for Deanna's favorite eye liner color "Steely"  It is quite complimentary to blue eyes.  I also must say I am a bit intrigued by the "olive" color too.  I think it would be a really fun color for Spring.

 Moisture, hint of color, and sunscreen in ONE PRODUCT!  This is ALWAYS in my makeup drawer.  When I don't feel like applying makeup, I can apply this tinted moisturizer and give my skin protection, nourishment and look more refreshed at the same time.  I have applied a glob of moisture in a strip near my index finger just so you could see how creamy it is.  The whole area above that stripe has the tinted moisture applied to it.  It's not gonna cover a ginormous zit or make my age spots disappear but it does brighten and protect my skin so I look my best natural self.

Wanna kick it up a notch? 

Tinted Moisture and Mineral Powder
Just a few months ago THIS was my very favorite!  It's still great.  I use this when I don't want a "glow" to my skin and when I want more coverage than just tinted moisture.  You use just a tiny bit on your special brush and with a pouncing motion pat it onto your skin.  It is meant to be used alone, but I use it over my tinted moisture.  You can pat a little extra on age spots and areas that need more coverage.  It is not a traditional finishing powder but a mineral foundation, so I find it covers provides nice light to medium matte coverage.

Latest & Greatest!

This is my new favorite foundation!  I don't feel like I'm wearing a mask but my skin looks MUCH BETTER!
  • Primer... Never used one before but I do NOW!  It is feather light.  Doesn't clog my pores.  Doesn't leave my face feeling greasy but it makes all the difference in how my foundation g-l-i-d-e-s on.  I just spread a tiny bit of it on with my fingers, give it a minute to set and then I'm ready for foundation.
  • Luminous Foundation... More coverage than tinted moisture alone.  Perhaps a medium coverage, similar to mineral powder foundation, but still light feeling like tinted moisture.  It has a dewy look to it when set but it's not greasy looking.
    Apply it with your fingers or with a brush.  This is one you will really want to try for yourself because it is hard to explain why it is so great to wear.  I think it also comes in a matte finish if you don't want dewy.  I thought dewy would look awful on me but it actually makes my skin look more youthful.  In my opinion.  lol

The Glow of Health
I wish I didn't need color on my skin, but I do.  Without it, I constantly get asked if I'm not feeling well.  Nothing will make you feel worse faster than having your loved ones inquiring about your apparent ill health when you THOUGHT you looked FABULOUS!  lol  I've applied all three colors on my hand without blending them in to show how light they go on.  I like the way they perk up my look.  I don't use all three at the same time, but it is what is in my makeup bag right now.

  • Sheer Bliss Cream Blush.  (top left) I have the deeper color they make and wear it with reds but I must admit that this Sheer Bliss color has stolen my heart.  It's the closest thing to the natural color of health that I've found.  And I don't know what Mary Kay has done, but their cream products apply smooth and even, not blotchy or streaky.  I feel that I look like I've had a spa day after I put this on.  :)
  • Liquid Illuminator Shade 2  (top right) I rub in the tiniest dot of this above my eyebrow and below the corner of my eye atop the cheek bone.  It just reflects the light a little bit to give a more youthful glowing/illuminated illusion.  I use the more bronzy shade to hint at a kiss of sun.  
  • Bronzing Stick  (bottom right) I got this before I tried the Liquid Illuminator.  It is like suntan on a stick.  I don't know how they did it but it feels cool when you put it on.  Very refreshing.  I've used it in place of color on my skin and used it on my neck and decolate to look like I've had sun without the damaging effects of sun. 


I hope you enjoyed this little tour through the favorites in my makeup bag.


Those of you that know me, know that I often go minimal to no makeup unless I'm going "out."  If I could go completely without makeup and not startle others, I would. ;)  And if you don't need to wear makeup, I'm both jealous of and thrilled for you!  ;) 

I think God made your face just right and you shouldn't feel compelled to change it just because Mary Kay makes great makeup.  And I'd like to think that y'all love me just the same with or without my makeup, just like I love you just as you are.

In fact, Proverbs 31 talks about a woman who is praise worthy...
Charm can mislead and beauty soon fades. The woman to be admired and praised is the woman who lives in the Fear-of-God.  Prov 31:30 The Message
Chasing after external beauty is a race you will  inevitably loose according to the standard of this world.  But a woman of good character, who loves her friends and family and loves her God is TRULY BEAUTIFUL her entire life through.  That is the woman I strive to be and I hope you value that woman too.

If you live your life right, you will be MORE than just a pretty face, my friend.  You will be a blessing to all those who know you.  And that is REAL BEAUTY!

Thanks for stopping by Stoneybrooke Cottage today.  I'm praying for great things in your life.



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