Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Promises Promises

Promises, Promises...

I PROMISED my lovely sister-in-law Ruthie from Sugar Pie Farmhouse that I would begin posting again, after getting a bit derailed early on in the year.  I have been doing many things but telling YOU nothing about it.  I suppose that DOES defeat the purpose of having a blog.  lol

Ruthann, is a great cheerleader as you might imagine.  Having prompted my journey into blog-land earlier in the year, she keeps nudging me to take "Baby Steps" and just begin posting.

For those of you who haven't seen "What About Bob?", here is the "Baby Steps" scene.

She has modeled great blogging and great life skills for me and still I  have yet to consistently follow her example.  But, TODAY is a new day!

TODAY is a new day for you too!

Choose just one thing that you have been PROMISING yourself to do for a long time.  Forget about procrastinating, perfection, embarrassment, shame, guilt or fear, put one foot in front of the other, take a baby step and DO one thing.  If I can do it... you can too.

So here it is... The PROMISED post!

Portuguese Knitting Pins
I have created, I'm guessing, just under 200 knitting pins which Andrea Wong has graciously sold.  She takes them to shows and classes that she teaches.  So Yippee for Sales!  More to come soon.

Jewelry and Etsy Store
I've made a few pieces but they were for gifts.  So far no lovelies for the store.  

I'm helping to moderate a few groups there... Tabitha's HeartPortuguese Knitting GroupMarket Bags  You must join Ravelry to check these out and joining is FREE!  If you love the fiber arts, in particular knitting or crocheting, it is THE place to be for inspiration and sharing your love with other fiber enthusiasts.

Sweet Lucy (Arielluria) has lured me into the idea of living a little greener by making reusable bags instead of contributing to the landfill.  So, I have knit market bags in an attempt to be a little greener.

Little Evan was born in MAY and he is a delight.  I haven't knit for any of the grandkids yet because I wasn't feeling confident of my skills.  I decided that has got to change so I PROMISED myself I would knit him a blankie and a matching sweater, which I did... hoooray!!!  Gabriela (Gabyknits) designed and sewed the most beautiful bags to match it too.  The largest bag will eventually store the set as a keepsake.  Until then Brianne gets to use it however she pleases.  (Gaby also blessed us with gifts of yarn and toys and dog treats!  Gaby is a generous friend.) With regard to the sweater?  Well Evan has already outgrown the sweater before he could wear it.  lol  Goooooo Evan Gooooo!

I knit socks for me!  Yes I AM a sock knitter now.  PROMISED myself I would improve my sock knitting skills this year.  Knit socks designed by the fabulous Tabitha and didn't cry even once!  (I knew you'd be proud.)  These socks were actually very fun to knit.  Yes you heard me right. ;)

I even knit some for Ailish!

That's a few of the knitted projects I've finished.

Yes I dusted of the crochet hooks after about 15 years and have tried a few projects. I'm really enjoying crochet.

This was a gift for OliviaAmber of Ravelry fame.  It holds a cake of yarn so that it doesn't get all jumbly and tangled.

Ailish is rockin' the crochet sun hat I made and then embellished with a handmade silky flower from a kit by Lisa Cruse.  She calls the flowers "Raggedy Ribbonry Roses" and she makes it easy to create one yourself.

I tried this slouchy hat which is popular right now.  Not sure I can rock the slouchy hat look but it was fun to make. (This puffy stitch was used in a hat I wore in Junior High so it was a lovely memory to knit!)

I have lots of other crochet projects that I'll post about later, lest I bore you further.

Church Youth Group
Things are in reorganization mode at church and so for now, my job as Sunday Morning hostess to the youth of the church is finished.  I must admit I'm sad about not seeing these guys.  They are fabulous.  I'm looking for how I will contribute to our church family now.

I PROMISED myself I'd tame the jungle that is the closets of my house.  I've conquered a couple of them.  Yaay for me!

I welcomed so many loved ones in the past few months.  Baby Evan was born to Brianne, Bryan, Owen and Ailish.  Heather came for a visit by herself and Heather AND Spencer came again after Evan was born.  I feel spoiled to have already had two visits so early in the year.  I finally got to meet good friend Tabitha who I tease without ceasing on the Tabitha's Heart group.  She and her family were sweet to stop by on their vacation and let me tag along for some great family time.  What a treat!  My sister, Holly of Life Laugh Latte came to visit with her family (except hubby couldn't make it.  :/)  Holly is good for everything that ails me.  She is the caffeine in my coffee.  Lastly, we are now sharing our home with our good friends for a short time while they build their home nearby.  The arrangement will benefit us both and our boys have been good friends since we moved here so it should be a great and memorable experience for everyone.

Many of you, my friends and family, have also blessed me with your presence over the past months.  We have shared stories and laughs, projects, ideas, pictures and prayer. You mean so much to me and I'm praying God's best for you.


The last PROMISE of this post is a thought that my daughter, Heather, shared with me yesterday...

Let me first say, we are not unlike many of you, who find our finances a source of need in our life.  We have been doing our part for better or worse, whilst trusting God to provide for our needs. Though God is completely trustworthy, we still find trusting Him a challenge.

At those times, when we are at the end of everything we can do and the only resource we have left is God, trust can feel like walking blindfolded through a mine field.  Though you know God is more than able and WILL get you to the other side, you also know what is at stake.  Your rest, that is supposed to be peaceful "beside still waters" (Psalm 23), is work.  It is looking at the hurricane of disaster heading for you and choosing instead to SEE the truth of God's PROMISES.

The burden of our finances falls on my sweet husband's shoulders.  He is the hardest working man I know.  There is not a lazy bone in his body and he gives everything he has to provide for us.  It's really hard to exhaust yourself working and still find it not enough.  He carries himself with hope but there are sometimes chinks in that armor.

Facing the hurricane, is challenge enough, but you throw in an accidental encounter with a wood splitter...

Hubby was preparing us for winter by splitting wood.  Three of them were lifting what he estimates is a 500 pound section of tree into the splitter, and the tree got away from them and rolled his hand right into the cutting edge of the splitter.  Once he was able to yank his hand out, he found the end of his right ring finger hanging on by a bit of skin.  Though thankful for the fact that he was spared a worse injury, it was just something he didn't need on top of everything else.  Over the last week, that bit of finger that the ER tacked back in place, has been slowly darkening until it is black and hard.  We were pretty sure that wasn't a good sign.

Close your eyes if you don't want to see...

At our appointment with the "Hand Specialist" yesterday, we braced ourselves for what we thought should logically be bad news... the dead tissue needs to be removed and the finger needs to be shortened.  Instead, what we heard was... the way the injury occurred might mean the damaged tissue could grow back and he could retain not only his finger but the feeling in it and the ability to grip tools and work.

On the way home we were thanking God for the good news and I wondered out loud if God allowed this to happen to be a daily visual reminder to us, that just the way he is taking care of your finger, he is also working out our financial issues?

I was on the phone with Heather at the time, and she said something that hit me right between the eyes...

Maybe it's a reminder that God's provision (his PROMISE keeping) doesn't come because of the work of our hands either.

God PROMISES to take care of us because that is WHO HE IS. He is Jehovah-Jireh, my PROVIDER.  I don't earn his provision because I'm so good, or a hard worker, or nice.  God provides for me because it's who HE is.

I guess that means so much to me because I always feel I'm falling short.  I don't post to my blog enough. lol  I don't clean enough.  I don't do enough at church.  I don't read my Bible enough.  I'm not nice enough.  I don't keep my PROMISES enough.  I'm not a good enough friend, or sister, or mom, or daughter, or wife.

I never feel worthy of God's blessing (receiving the gift of his PROMISES) because of me and my failings.

But God, My Provider, is not depending on ME.  He is more than able to bring about his good plans for my life and my family's life because of who HE is.

What a relief!  What a burden lifted!  What a comfort!  To know that all I NEED to BE is HIS.

If you belong to God, his PROMISES are for YOU too.

And He wants EVERYONE to belong to Him.  Just do it.  Baby Steps!  :)

Love ya, Linda  xo
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