Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Queen for a Day!

Queen for a Day is a tradition I grew up with. My Grandma Naomi lived to spoil us kids and we loved it.  Being the Queen meant I got to  watch cartoons in her bed. She'd make homemade doughnuts for breakfast, read stories from my Dad's old story books, make paper dolls from a Sears catalogue, and if I was very good I could string buttons into a necklace! 

I loved that button box.  It was actually just an old cigar box filled with buttons that she had collected. These weren't just any buttons.  They were the most beautiful buttons I have ever seen.  

At least, that's how I remember it.
It is such a fond memory that I have always had some sort of a button collection since I was newly married.  It was housed for years in a lone mason jar that was tinted blue from years of exposure to the sun I suppose.

Well a while back, on another fun excursion with my sister-in-law Ruthann, we found a crocheted necklace that was embellished lavishly with lovely mother of pearl buttons.  It was stunning but it was also way out of my price range.  
I still go back and visit it every once in a while so it doesn't miss me too much.  :)
From that day, I began searching out buttons to recreate that necklace.  It has since developed into a button obsession and those buttons, treasures old and new, are now sorted and happily awaiting my creative inspiration in a nook in my bedroom. 
Ok that sounded so nice when I typed it, but I must be honest... the nook is actually a long folding table smack in the middle of my bathroom.  I'm trying to get organized and since everything was packed into my closet it seemed a logical place at the time.
I'm ready to begin creating masterpieces with my little treasures. I just had to share a few photos of them for you to admire. These are the ones I am working with now. They will become lovely Portuguese knitting pins for and limited edition wrap pins for lovely knitted things.

Please try to contain your squeals of joy.  Oh ok!  Go ahead and squeal... I am!

Perhaps you need a closer look?  These are a lovely shade of cranberry red.  Be still my heart.  I won't force you to look at each button, though I am enormously tempted.  Just know I am enjoying my work.

Wouldn't my Grandma Naomi be proud to know she was such an inspiration?

Be blessed, my friends, as you do you the work God has given you to do.  Enjoy the gift of this day he has given you...  every sight, every sound, every taste, every smell, every touch. Make yourself Queen for a Day and re-discover a long forgotten joy from your childhood.  You have my permission. :)

Until next time, 



  1. The cranberry red buttons are GORGEOUS!!

  2. I have to admit that the shockingly blue buttons caught my eye. Does that really surprise you, though, Mom?

  3. Darth Knitter... EEEEEeeeeeeee Isn't it!!!

    Brianne... Knew you would. I think it photographed a bit bluer than it actually is. It is an opaque white and blue button. Really special. But since I'm a RED girl I must agree with Darth Knitter this time. xo :)

  4. Thanks Lisa! Yaaaay! So glad you stopped in. :)

  5. First I wondered who the Linda was that visited our blog. Then it dawned on me...and I squealed! I tried to get here from your follow picture, but it wouldn't let me. So I went back to the e-mail you originally sent. Love this Linda. Beautiful. Did I tell you that I've been making Abelskivers lately? KK gave me a pan for Christmas. Discovering those Danish roots! Fun remembering those moments. On my next post I'm going to promote your blog. I'll let you know. I have lots of readers that enjoy crafting that will find this interesting. Love you so! Holly (I'm a Follower now!)

  6. What a fun and endearing read Linda! Isn't is so fun that the Lord created these heartwarming memories that blossomed into your passions of today?! I remember playing the "button, button, who's got the button" game at my grandma Cannizzaro's house with all of my cousins after church on Sunday's waiting for the Spaghetti and meat-a-balls to be ready.

  7. Holly, I love your comment. Heather told me she wants to get an abelskiver pan for a gift for me sometime... if I promise to forget she told me. Still working on that. Thanks for the encouraging words. You are my treasure.

  8. Ruthann, I can smell the Spaghetti and Meat-a balls from here. lol Looking forward to more button hunting with you. And I can't wait to show you my new vintage button pin design.

  9. oh WOW Linda! I'm soooo lovin this new blog design! What a treat to see all your hard work!!!! YOU INSPIRE ME chickie! I love you dearly and thank you for inspiring us to be Queens for a Day! My most favoritist thing to do! LOL

  10. Hi Marla! Glad you like it. It is exciting to be making progress and you deserve to be "Queen for a Day"!

  11. That is great! You were so blessed to have a grandma and such fond memories of her. Mine all died before I was born.

    I love the buttons and will keep an eye out for vintage buttons for you ;o)


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