Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Gift of Love...

The Gift of Love... 
It was last year around Valentines Day, on a shopping date with Ruthann, that we visited a favorite little shop in Ozark, as we so often do.  It is called the Market Basket.  The owner enjoys more primitive, and country antiques and collectibles.  She has a knack for displaying the odd bits she finds in a very appealing way.  You feel at home from the moment you walk in the front door.
On this particular day, a vintage Valentine caught my eye.  I have a small, but meaningful to me, collection of vintage ephemera that includes, among other things, old postcards and now it includes this sweet little Valentine.  They were collected simply because they make me smile.  I keep them in this keepsake box that my other Mom, Sue, gave me many years ago.

It seems right that these keepsakes, that were important enough to someone to so carefully preserve them for years, are now being cared for by me, someone who appreciates them.  

I love the colorful graphics, the charming scenes.  But even more, I love the handwritten sentiments.  They provide a little window for me to get a glimpse into life a time long ago.  That's why this Valentine just had to come home with me.  

I like to imagine what inspired the writing of this valentine.  

I think... who was this woman "HW"?  I'll try to imagine a name, let's call her...  Harriet Witherspoon.  What do we know about her?  She has a sense of humor and so I'm pretty sure I'd like her.  

And who is Harold and why was he needing "the girls" to throw him a party?  Was he an eligible bachelor?  A widower who needed cheering?  A neighbor who needed a friend?  No one will ever know now, but what is clearly evident is that "the girls" didn't want Harold to feel alone.  They wanted him to feel loved.

Most of us don't handwrite notes so much any more.  But today our loved ones and friends still need to know how much we love them, as much as folks did in simpler times.  The need to love and be loved doesn't change.   It's not a fad or a passing thing but a fundamental principle to live by.

In the Bible I read that God's best rule for us to live by, the key to a life lived well, is that we should:
"... love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and muscle and intelligence -- and that you love your neighbor as well as you do yourself." Luke 10:27 the Message
 Loving God
It's time to take a personal inventory here.  The magnifying glass needs to be pointed at my own heart.  It seems pretty clear from the Word, that the evidence of our love for God is in everything we are and do.

  • What is my passion...  What about this relationship with God has me so excited that I have to talk about it?
  • What do I pray about... Do my prayers venture beyond my own desires and into concerns that are after God's own heart?
  • What do I spend my muscle/energy on... Am I doing God's work on this earth?
  • What do I think about... Am I worrying my way through the day or trusting Him to care for me just as He has promised?

Loving Others

Here is another chance to check myself.

  • Do I love myself in the way God intended?  
  • Do I love others with the same godly love?

So how am I doing?

I'm not where I want to be but I'm not where I used to be.  

What can I do about it?

I can do better starting today...

I can cherish this act of loving as the sacred thing that it is.

I can choose to truly love God, myself, and others - EVERY DAY - Not just Valentines Day.

So here it goes!

I really do thank God for you and I LOVE you.  

Thanks for stopping by for a chat.

Be blessed and be a blessing.




  1. Alright Miss are a natural at this blogging thing...I knew you would be! Told ya so! Love this post on love! How adorable is that valentine!! My favorite part was "wash your neck"!! What a hoot 'n' holler Harriet Witherspoon was!
    Love ya sista!

  2. So sweet and so true. Something for me to digest on this lovely Sunday. Funny we both wrote about Love this week. Come by and see. My post is from the angle of several books I've read recently. The Valentine is priceless! Wish I had a six shooter. Can't imagine what I'd do with it, but it just sounds right...doesn't it? Love you so. Holly

  3. Will you be my Valentine, Mom?

    Love you!!!

  4. Ruthann... yes you told me so! Thanks for that.

    Holly... Your birthday is tomorrow and I am thinking about how much love and joy you have brought into my life. I thank God every day for you.

    Brianne... I am and always will be your very special Weena Valentine. :)

  5. What a wonderful post!

    I also have a mental picture of Harold - a big burly man with a blue bandanna wrapped around his neck and ready to fire the six shooter.

  6. Lisa! Yes I see Harold that way too. I bet he cracked a smiled when he got that Valentine. :)

  7. I bet "wash your neck" is code for bring the wine. ;)

  8. I'll bet you are right anxiousdog! But in my house that would be... bring the espresso and chocolate of course. :)

  9. I happened on your blog quite by accident and just wanted to say that it was a pleasure browsing here a little.


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